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Travel Information for Holiday Resorts in Tonga

Nuku Island

The Kingdom of Tonga is one of the most special places in the South Pacific ocean for a holiday. Come and enjoy one of the most appealing island nations that is only a short flight from Australia and enjoys a beautiful tropical climate. Tonga is the stuff that dreams are made of with white sandy beaches flanked by swaying coconut palms, island maidens and a choice of island destinations with some of the best diving and sailing in the world. Tonga is situated south east of Fiji and south of Samoa. There are three main island groups that make up the kingdom of Tonga. They are the Tongatapu group in the south, that is where the capital of Nuku’Alofa is found. The Ha’apai group is just to the north and at the extreme north is the Vava’u group. Each of the three groups has its own attractions, airport and Tonga accommodation. International flights arrive and depart from Nuku’Alofa and domestic flights service the other airports. Pacific Blue has services from Australia and Air New Zealand flies in from Auckland.

Tongan Dancers

Tonga is one of the most scenic and pristine of the island destinations in the south pacific. Its landscapes feature active volcano’s, tropical rainforests coral atolls and fantastic coral reefs and white sandy beaches. It is a place where you can go diving on unspoilt reefs, dive with humpback whales , play golf, go surfing or sail your own bareboat or join a crewed charter around this island paradise. There are four island destinations that are the most popular. Tongatapu is where the majority of the population live. It is a great place to join a Tongan feast, visit the spectacular blowholes, see the royal palace or go to the local markets for food or island crafts. The Hualapai group is about 150 kilometers norh of Tongatapu and is made up of a number of volcanic islands and coral atolls. Here time stands still and it is a paradise for the divers and cruising yachtsmen who come here to enjoy its untouched beauty. The Vava’u group is known as one of the finest sailing grounds in the entire pacific. Many cruising yachtsmen come here however you can charter your own bare boat and enjoy cruising these fantastic waterway yourself. Charter boats operate from here to take patrons out to dive with the humback whales, and the water is so clear it is almost unbelievable. Divers and sea kayakers will find this the highlight of their Tongan holiday.

Coastline of Tonga

Surfing in the Vava’u group is still adventurous. Experience is necessary and boat trips to the best surf destinations are available for a full day or just a half day. There are both resorts and backpacker lodges available so you can do this on a smaller budget if you want to. Some of the other unforgettable attractions in Tonga include visiting one of the local churches and listening to the fantastic harmonised singing from the locals. Every one dresses up for the occasion. The arts and crafts markets are full of tapa clothes and woven items. Tongan women take great pride in producing items that are true to their ancient craft.

If you are looking for that special holiday destination where you can see fantastic scenery, wonderful activities and attractions and become involved with a culture, totally different from your own, then come to the Kingdom of Tonga for a memorable holiday.