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Vanuatu Activities and Attractions

Mele Cascades

Vanuatu has dozens of fantastic holiday activities to make your resort holiday a special one. There are spectacular natural attractions such as active volcanoes, aquatic activities like fishing, diving, snorkeling, island tours and cruises, kayaking and beachcombing and lots of things to do in the towns such as visiting the local markets, going shopping for native crafts and eating out in the local restaurants and cafes.

Local adventure tours will take you out to visit the villages where you can experience the Melanesian culture and enjoy some of the local customs, food and dancing displays. If you get the chance, you can take a ferry to Pentecost Island where the original bungy jumpers still participate in a ritual where they jump from bamboo towers with a vine tied around their feet. This ritual is part of the coming of age initiation for adolescent boys on entering manhood.

Jetboat Experience

There are six active volcanos in Vanuatu and the most active of these is Yasur Volcano on Tanna Island. It erupts continually and you can walk to the summit and watch the molten lava erupting in colorful bursts below you in the crater. Vanuatu ha several international big game fishing events and charter boats are available from Port Vila if you wish to participate. Diving in these waters is awesome with magical coral reefs and wreckage such as shipwrecks and the like left over from the fighting during world war two. The protected lagoon waters around the islands provide the perfect venue to go kayaking and explore the reefs and smaller islands.

The holiday activities, and the transfers to get you there, will occupy your time in Vanuatu are the equal of any other island group in the South Pacific Ocean.