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Vanuatu Tours and Cruises

Island Cruising

Tours and cruises in Vanuatu will introduce you to both the natural beauty of this amazing island archipelago as well as taking you on a journey through the culture and customs of its people. When you arrive, airport transfers are available and can be arranged for you when you book your holiday. Some of the local tours and activities can also be booked and paid for before you leave home.

A local sightseeing tour should be done early in your stay as it will provide two things. The first is an understanding of the layout and history of your island destination. The second is an introduction to the local people and there customs. This information will help you to enjoy your holiday, having a greater understanding of your surroundings and the local culture and customs. A tour to the traditional island villages where you can begin to understand how the local people lead their lives will be both enjoyable and educational.

Port Vila Memorial

The Vanuatu archipelago is a place of great natural beauty and the best way to see an island group is to take an extended cruise through its islands, lagoons and reefs. The five night “Secrets of Bali Hai” cruise will introduce you to some of the most stunning parts of Vanuatu and its culture. You will visit some of the islands in northern Vanuatu and see how the local villagers have lived for thousands of years and become involved in their day to day life. The cruise also visits Pentecost Island and you will have the opportunity to see the “Land Diving” where local villagers jump from a high bamboo tower with their feet attached to the tower by vines. Most stop with their heads only inches from the ground. The cruise visits many islands and you will witness spectacular scenery, go kayaking and fishing and explore some of the most remote islands in the South Pacific Ocean.

Most of these tours of Vanuatu will be available directly from your resort accommodation on the island of your choice.

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